Tips for Floral Tributes in Hawaii


The loss of a friend or family member is always difficult.  Floral tributes, however, are one of the last ways one can honor the life and legacy of a loved one.  Upon selecting flowers to send, the religious and cultural practices of the deceased and his or her family should be considered.  Here are a few tips on helping you make the appropriate selections.

Types of Sympathy Floral Pieces

Floral Arrangements are appropriate for either the service or home, and usually sit on the floor, pedestal, or table.  Sizes may vary according to budget and taste.

Standing Sprays are floral arrangements that sit atop an easel, and are sent by both friends and family for the funeral services.  Sizes may vary according to budget and taste.

Casket Sprays are flowers that sit atop the casket and are generally semi-one sided.  It is usually ordered by the family, and can be prepared for either an open casket or closed casket.

Wreaths are large sprays that are usually set in florist or Styrofoam.  Generally round, they also come shaped as a heart, open circle, or half moon. Wreaths are normally sent by both friends and family for the funeral services.  Sizes may vary according to budget and taste.

Urn / Picture Tributes are arrangements that either accompany the urn or framed picture of the deceased.  They can either flank the picture or urn on both sides, or the urn or picture can sit atop the floral piece.  This is also usually ordered by a family member.


Chrysanthemum such as Football, Spider, and Pompons are commonly represented in many Asian cultures, including the Japanese, Chinese and Korean.  Colors chosen are usually white, yellow, and similar neutral colors.  Please be aware that for Buddhist services, Roses or other flowers with thorns are not appropriate.

Roses, Lilies, Carnations, and Gladiolas are popular flowers for many Christian faiths.  Flowers can be sent to both the wake and the service and are also used at the burial.

Tropical flowers such as Ginger, Bird of Paradise, and Anthuriums are often used here in Hawaii to represent condolences and remembrances.  They can be used in any type of floral piece and can also be used in conjunction with other types of flowers.

Lei are also used in modern Hawaii funeral practices.  The Maile is frequently used to adorn the photo and/or urn, across the casket, or framing a collage of pictures.  Other lei are also used in this manner, such as Pikake, Tuberose and Haku lei.

Orchids are very popular in sympathy tributes as well, and they are usually accompanied by other types of flowers such as Anthuriums, Chrysanthemums, and Carnations.  Orchid heads are also used to toss into the sea at the scattering ceremony.