Send flowers while on the go at any time or place straight from you Apple or Android device using our FREE mobile app.

There are two options to download or mobile app.  You can either click on the link below to have an email or text message sent to your device.  Or you can go directly to either the Apple Store or the Google Play Marketplace and search for "Floralapp" and then after installing the app typing in the keyword "watanabe".

Registering with us through the mobile app will get you a 5% discount off of your first order through the mobile app.  You then can view the various floral arrangements and gifts items that are available online.

Go to http://bit.ly/WWjm4X to send yourself an email or text message to your device.

For Apple Devices go to http://bit.ly/oChVuA

For Android Devices go to http://bit.ly/qdxobl