We value our customers and value their opinions too! Below you can read some of their candid comments about our flowers, our service and our company. 

OMG -- my mom received the cutest, whimsical bouquet when she broke her ankle a couple of months ago!!!  It was so darling, made her laugh (which was very needed) and it lasted such a long time!!  The bouquet was absolutely freshy fresh fresh when it arrived -- and it had the most adorable carnation dog nestled in on one side.  

Pretty funny -- when I arrived at their house, my mom and dad were oh-ing and ah-ing over the arrangement.  They were so happy!!  Then I laughed and turned the bouquet around -- they were looking at it backwards!!  They squealed when they saw the carnation dog on the other side!!  

Thank you, Watanabe Floral, for making my mom so happy!!  It really was something special!!!

An Aiea Girl at Heart (but living on the mainland), 6/12/2013


I had Watanabe floral do my wedding flowers and I never imagined how wonderful their service would be!  Dayna and all the staff were incredibly helpful, organized and professional.  I was amazed at their attention to detail and thoughtful suggestions to stay within my budget.  I was so happy with their service...it really was amazing.  The orchids for my hair were the most beautiful orchids I have ever seen...I wished they were fake so I could keep them forever! :)  I am recommending them to all my friends who are getting married this summer.

Katie G., 4/6/2013


My boyfriend's mother introduced me to this florist, and I have never purchased flowers from anyplace else! They have a great selection of flowers, for a good price! I usually go here to purchase flowers in bulk to make event centerpieces. The location is good, great parking, good service plus inexpensive for the beautiful flowers they have!

They ship to neighbor island as well =)

Keisha P., 1/8/2013


Wonderful source for mainland flowers you can't grow in Hawaii from seasonal lilacs and daffodils to pussy willows characterize this store. Their prices spoil you for other retail sources for flowers. If you keep your receipt and the flowers die quickly they stand by their merchandise and will replace it. They have recently renovated and beautified this store, making it look far more like a retail establishment than a wholesaler, without the expected increase in prices.

Mainland and local flowers year round at "wholesale prices" 
By Diane K.


I had a wonderful experience with Watanabe Floral. I knew nothing about flowers, especially for a wedding, but my Wedding consultant at Watanabe Floral was always available through e-mails and meetings to make sure that we got the flowers we wanted at a reasonable cost. My Wedding consultant gave me guidance and advice that proved to be so valuable to me when making decisions. I would definitely recommend Watanabe Floral for your flower needs.

Anonymous, Recently married


I worked with Joyce from Watanabe Florist. She went above and beyond all that my Mom and I asked her to do for the wedding! My flowers were beautiful (I received many complements!) and not only that, but she put so much effort and care into all that she did, and was so genuine. Thankful that I decided to go with Watanabe!

Allison, 8/11/2012


I moved to Hawaii three weeks before my wedding.  I knew nothing about the island or what I wanted for my wedding, (I wasn't the kind of girl that dreamed of white dresses and the perfect Day) but one thing I did know was that I wanted sunflowers at my wedding.  Somehow a florist that I randomly found in Aiea suggested it would be better that I drive to Watanabe Floral and pick out some flowers there.  They had beautiful flower of all kinds, but most importantly they had BIG BEAUTIFUL sunflowers.  They didn't have much in the way of customer service, but I wasn't looking for much other than a few flowers for my wedding day.  SO GLAD I FOUND THEM!

Kanya E., 6/28/2012


With any special occassion, flowers are part of the planning process. However, I will raise my hand and declare myself guilty that I didn't think anything of it until my son's girlfriend shared that her mom was going to contact me to discuss the type of flowers that I was getting for their prom night.
So, my mind has a flashback of 80's winterballs and proms...
"Do they like those fan bouquets???"
I was wrong, they were very simple and wanted a wrist corsage.
Enters...Watanabe Floral *trumpets blares*
One of the easiest experience ever!
I ordered and paid for two wrist corsages ONLINE
They called me back within an hour to discuss the color of the ribbons and to make sure if there were any other type of flowers I wanted or if I was satisfied with what was chosen.
I confirmed the pick-up time and I was set.
On the day of the prom, I drove to Nimitz and walked in expecting a small store. 
Nope, it was big and roomy with flowers everywhere in arrangments, by the bunches, etc.
Very clean, busy but not slammed, and very friendly.
The corsages were very nice and it went along well with their dates. 
Thanks Watanabe Florist for being a part of making my twin's prom a memorable and fun event!

Tiffany, 4/06/2012


Watanabe Floral was recommended by a friend and I was extremely happy with their services. My wedding consultant was Dani and I couldn't have been happier with the way she handled my wedding from start to finish. Planning from LA can be a bit challenging, but Dani was very helpful in offering her advice with arrangements/leis that were in my budget yet didn't sacrifice my vision. In the end, the flowers were gorgeous and added that perfect touch to our special day. Watanabe offers a huge variety of floral/lei choices and will deliver high quality product no matter how big or small your event may be. In looking at several florists in the area and comparing prices, Watanabe was absolutely the best choice for me!

Ltlwahine, 11/03/2011


I love this place! I ordered loose flowers through them for my wedding and am so glad I did.  Their selection is awesome and I love that I can go in and actually hand-pick everything out of their huge walk-in refrigerator, instead of trying to envision what something looks like from a photo or on the computer.
Having done the flowers essentially by myself for the wedding, I had to call and come in to the store several times to get prices, flower recommendations, and ask other random questions.  Each time I spoke with someone, they were extremely helpful, patient, and knowledgeable.
The flowers were gorgeous, and they were so flexible and helpful.  When my lei order (through another vendor) was processed incorrectly, Watanabe allowed me to add the order to my bridal order and save 20% on the day of the wedding. 
Although their prices for loose flowers are extremely high, I purchased the Costco gift cards and combined it with a wedding expo discount.  I was very happy with their service and the flowers and would highly recommend them over any other loose flower vendor on the island.

Jenn M., 7/13/2011


I love this place.  For Valentine's Day, for Mother's Day, this is my go to spot.  A friend of mine taught me some basic flower arangement techniques and I've been putting it to use bi-annually. The unarranged flowers are always significntly cheaper than the premade arrangements.  So with a vase from Ben Franklins, and some polished aquarium gravel, and viola, instant beautiful boquet!  The best part is I get to say "Honey, I made it myself"    
The staff is always extremely friendly and helpful.  
On the day before Valentine's Day, they had a Karaoke machine set up and people who went up and sung a love song would get a discount on their purchase.  To the staff and other patrons of Watanabe Floral, I apologize for subjecting you to three minutes of Locke's off-key warbling.  I believe next year they will be offering me a specific discount not to sing.  One can only hope.

Locke D, 5/19/2011


Watanabe has been doing weddings for years so they know what they are doing and are willing to work with the customers. They produce beautiful arrangements and make sure everything is fresh.

DH, 2/19/2011


Using Watanabe for my wedding and their consultant and staff are excellent.  They really can tell what a bride is looking for based on her descriptions and based on what she likes.  They can grasp a pattern from different pictures a bride brings in and can design a specific arrangement just from that pattern.  They work around your budget and try to help in whatever way they can!  They not only help me with flower decor and decisions but also help me in other areas for my wedding.
Besides wedding, I am not big on flowers, but Watanabe's has a great selection of balloons and stuffed animals for gifts as well!  They also sell vases and showcase different floral designs.  They have a wide selection of flowers, fillers, and cards.  Parking is right in front of the store and the store hours are very accommodating

Kelso A., 2/17/2011


I had to use them last minute. Literally 48 hours before my wedding i called them for flowers. I had previously been quoted 2,000 for the exact same flowers I got from them for 700! I am so thankful that they came through for me and had all the flowers I wanted! They were professional and delivered as promised.

Michelle, 2/01/2011


Watanabe always provides incredible flowers. The bouquets were beautiful! They were helpful in the flower selection process, showing us a variety of options. The day before the wedding when we went to pick up some orchids, pay our final payment, and pick up the cake flowers, we saw that the cake flowers were not the right color! I guess they didn't have the right kind of flower, so they substituted another color without informing us. We chose a different type of red rose to take for the cake, and it was fine. Overall, Watanabe is a great flower company and I recommend them.

Lacey, 12/18/2010


The family friend/florist who was going to do my wedding flowers backed out several weeks before my wedding and Watanabe Floral really came through for me. Rona at Watanabe Floral was really great to work with and a great help with ideas and suggestions. I changed my order so many times and she kept great track of everything I wanted. Since we had such little time they were only able to make me one sample which was not anything like I wanted. I sent them photos of what I wanted as well as the flowers I wanted (I'm a little OCD) instead and hoped for the best. The flowers turned out amazing from the bouquets to the chuppah decorations to the amazing centerpieces. I really could not have hoped for more and no one would ever know that I organized all of this at the last minute. Thank you so much Watanabe!

Jadey, 6/05/2010


This place is bigger than what it looks like from the outside. This is a great place to have anything made from flowers. They have the best selection of leis you can find. It is so nice just to come in here and smell all the wonderful flowers. If you’re a tourist, I would have to recommend a stop here just to look at all the different flowers and plants. You can ask the friendly associates that work there and ask about the flowers and smell 'em too. I think they have classes that you can attend too. 

Great Place to Buy Flowers 
By Julie H.