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About Watanabe Floral

Flowers bring a special sentiment to life’s occasions; elegance to a wedding; sympathy to a funeral; tenderness to an anniversary celebration. While it is true that we sell flowers, our real business is that of helping people express their feelings. Wherever you are in life, it is our commitment to make your occasion exceptional and unique for you.

For over 69 years, we have made it our priority to provide excellent service to our guests. We have an award-winning design team, with over 100 years of combined experience ready to serve you and a sales and operational team committed to making you our #1 priority. 

We are truly blessed to have received numerous accolades, including being named Hawaii’s Best Florist 2003 – 2014 (Star Advertiser/Midweek). We were also awarded the prestigous Ho’okela Award, recognizing us as Oahu’s Retail Merchant of the year for 2005.

Our Past:

In 1945, Ernest Watanabe, a soldier stationed in Brisbane, Australia, passed the time growing flowers outside his barracks.  Missing his fiancé, Shizue, led him to think of all the romances that would need to be rekindled at the war’s end. Upon returning from the war, Ernest, alongside his parents and new wife, began growing roses as a business to returning soldiers and their loved ones.

Soon, Ernest started Watanabe Roses, a family business helping people to express their feelings. As his children grew, they worked in the family business as well. Helping to plant and grow roses was a part of their daily lives.

In 1974, Ernest’s son Russell, a student of business marketing, returned to the family business. Together they added a wholesale division and renamed the company Watanabe Floral. As demand from florists increased, the company began to expand. Finally, by the mid-80’s, Watanabe Floral began retail operations, selling directly to the general public.

Our Present:

Steeped in a rich past, we are a company that believes in the Spirit of Aloha, Love, Honesty, Teamwork, Communication, Superior Service, and ‘Ohana (Hawaiian for family). At the core of our beliefs is our dedication to Kina’ole or flawlessness. We believe in doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, for the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling THE FIRST TIME!   

Today, we employ over 70 people that we consider part of our ‘Ohana. We also continue to provide fresh and creative floral arrangements, including our exciting new elegant Signature line as well as our popular Classical line.  In addition, our corporate customers in Hawaii include;  Wal-Mart, Costco, Foodland, Sam's Club, Target, JTB, Polynesian Cultural Center and Watabe Weddings. Even with these large customers, our focus and commitment is to make EVERY guest important and special, no matter their needs.

Our Future:

From humble origins and envisioning a bright future, Watanabe Floral is now a testament to endurance and achievement. We are a company that began as a small family business that today still employs Ernest and Shizue’s children and grandchildren. These children (Russell, Leland and Susan), grandchildren (Jonathan, Emerson, Landon and Justin), and our entire Watanabe Floral ‘Ohana will carry on our mission and continue the legacy started by Ernest and Shizue: helping people to express their feelings through flowers!

Original Rose Farm (Left) Ernest Watanabe (Center) Ernest and Shizue Watanabe (Right)